Health & Safety

Our Occupational Health, Safety and Quality (OHSQ) Management Policies include:

  • Providing Quality and Reliable services
  • Providing a safe & healthy working environment for all employees
  • Provide adequate Safety Equipment to worker for carrying out his work safely
  • Promoting safety consciousness in every employee & worker in the company
  • Ensure that safety messages are disseminated to all employees, sub-contractors, workers as well as all visitors, vendors who are at the work place
  • Prevention of ill-health & injury
  • Continual Improvement
  • Compliance with Legal & Statutory requirements

Our OHSQ Objectives are:

  • Reportable Incident
  • Non-Reportable Incident
  • No Injury to the Public

Our OHSQ Quality Objectives:

  • To achieve zero-LD for all projects
  • To minimize customer written complaint (issued to General Manager)
  • Customer Satisfaction - to achieve Good comment